Riedel Bolero Standalone - Wireless intercom HF Kit, the world reference !

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Riedel Bolero is a revolutionary, powerful, and versatile wireless intercom HF, becoming the world reference! It can support up to 250 Beltpack and 100 antennas in a single deployment. 3 network installations are available such as Bolero integrated, Bolero Standalone Link & Bolero Standalone 2110 (AES67), all dedicated to specific applications.

Riedel Bolero at a glance

  • Simple NFC and Over the Air registration
  • Decentralized intelligent antenna network
  • Advanced DECT receiver (ADR) for multipath mitigation
  • Seamless handover & roaming
  • Redundant PoE+ and DC power supply antenna scheme

Which accessories are included with Riedel Bolero Standalone?

  • 1 DECT Riedel Bolero Active Antenna (BL-ANT-1010-19G-EU G2) with Standalone license + power supply
  • 5 Riedel Bolero 6 key Beltpacks with their own batteries that have IP-65 environmental sealing (BL-BPK-1006-19-EU)
  • 1 Riedel Bolero Beltpack 5 bay drop in charger (BL-CHG-1005-R)
  • 4 Headsets mono earing Riedel Pro D1
  • 1 Riedel Bolero Network Stream Adapter with Riedel NSA0024 enables to convert analog audio signals to AES67 & Reverse
  • Color-Coded Beltpack Covers bringing additional protection for Bolero beltpacks
  • Bolero Standalone entitlement for antenna (BL-ANT-APP-STANDALONE)

Are you just looking for a single accessory for your Riedel Bolero?

We are able to bring you additional accessories for your Riedel Bolero system such as Riedel Active Antenna, Beltpack + more. Contact-us! We would be happy to help you :)

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WarrantyRiedel Bolero is scalable and includes Riedel's support with software upgrades during the warranty. Warranty extension included with associated services & loan
DeliveryWorldwide delivery possibilities


What is Riedel Bolero Integrated installation?

Bolero Integrated leverages the powerful Artist ecosystem, including SmartPanels and extensive I/O connectivity, and runs over a standards-based SMPTE 2110-30 (AES67) IP network. Decentralized Bolero antennas connect to AES67-capable switches and to Artist frames equipped with AES67 client cards, providing a fully integrated point-to-point seamless handover intercom ecosystem. With each decentralized antenna and belt pack added, coverage and network robustness are increased. Up to 250 beltpacks per Bolero Net are now supported

What is Bolero Standalone Link installation?

Bolero Standalone Link provides plug & play simplicity that is ideal for smaller installations, portable deployments, or cases where IP networks are not required. Up to 100 antennas and 100 beltpacks can be quickly and easily set up and configured via a web browser, without the need for an Artist Intercom matrix since audio mixing and all control functions are handled by the antennas. Antennas may be positioned in a redundant ring or daisy chain topology or deployed individually using CAT5 cabling. With the optional EPS-1005 power supply, up to five antennas can be powered, and adding multiple PSUs creates a redundant power ring. Finally, an NSA-002A stream adapter is used to interface Bolero with other intercom systems via analog 4-wire and provide GPIOs for convenient external device handling.

What is Bolero Standalone 2110 installation?

Lets users establish IP-based Bolero networks without the need for an Artist matrix.
The antennas are distributed over an SMPTE 2110-30 (AES67) IP network and connected via AES67 PoE switches.
As in Standalone Link deployments, audio mixing and control functions are handled by the antennas, and 100 beltpacks can be accommodated per Bolero Net and configured via a web browser. An optional NSA-002A provides analog interfacing and GPIOs and fiber-connected switches or switch cascades can be used to cower long distances.

Download Firmware, Software & Certificates for your Riedel Bolero

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Riedel Bolero Standalone - Wireless intercom HF Kit, the world reference !

Riedel Bolero Standalone - Wireless intercom HF Kit, the world reference !

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