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    The Sony BVM-X300 V2 4K OLED broadcast monitor offers precise black level and color reproduction as well as high brightness thanks to HDR technology. The very essence of this monitor is to recreate the most faithful image possible as if it were a mirror, according to Sony.Available in used condition, the X300 is fully serviced by the technical lab and...

  • 9 975 €

    The professional Sony PVM-X2400 4K HDR monitor offers excellent luminosity and accurate color reproduction thanks to the Trismaster Sony technology. High-range broadcast and production monitor, the PVM-X2400 stands between the 32" Sony BVM-HX310 and the18" Sony PVM-X1800 Sony 4K HDR monitors. Main features of the Sony PVM-X2400LCD 24” 4K HDR (4K...

    9 975 €
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    The 4K HDR Sony PVM-X1800 monitor offers high-grade picture quality, accurate color and shares the same color gamut and brightness specifications as the premium Sony BVM-HX310 Master Monitor.The X1800 features a UHD 4K premium LCD panel and supports 4K and HD signals through SDI inputs and an HDMI input, making it ideal for on-set, on-location, truck,...

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    The professional Multi-Format studio Monitor JVC DT-R24L41D offers high-quality images for studio production and broadcast applications. Sold in used condition with minimal signs of age, it is fully serviced by the technical lab and covered by 3 months warranty. Key features of the JVC DT-R24L41D24 inch Multi-Format LCD studio monitor with Full HD 1920...

  • 4 800 €

    The Sony PVM-X300 with its LCD IPS 30in 4K monitor screen offers a wide viewing angle. It is dedicated to 4K cinema applications and live video productions. The X300 features versatile inputs such as four 3G/HD-SDI, 4 HDMI, and 2 DisplayPort.Sold in used condition in a flight case, it is fully serviced by the technical lab with 3 months warranty. Main...

    4 800 €
  • 1 350 €

    Panasonic BT-LH1850 is an 18.5” high performance LCD video monitor for broadcast field and studio application. Sold in Ex-Demo condition in the original box, it is in very good condition and fully serviced by our technical lab with 3 months warranty. BT-LH1850 key features at a glance18.5-inch (47cm) LCD video monitor for broadcast applications 16:9...

    1 350 €
  • 900 €

    8.4" field monitor - panasonic bt-lh900- Resolution : 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)- Reproduction : 16.7 million colors- Brightness : 300 cd/m²- Viewing angle : 170°- Connections :- 2 x HD SDI/SDI in (BNC), switchable- 1 x component or RGB in (BNC)- 1 x composite in (BNC)- RS-232C interface- GPI in (BNC)- Tally (DIN 8-pin)- 12 V in (XLR, 4-pin)

    900 €
  • 900 €

    The ASTRO-WM-3004 Portable waveform and vector scope is fully serviced & 3 months warrantyMain features :- 6 inch LCD TFT Waveform monitor- Input signal : HD-SDI | SD-SDI - HD analog YPbPr- Supported signal format : 1920x1080 60i/59.94i- Audio output : 16 channels of embedded audio- Power consumption : 24 W- Mass : 1.5 kg

    900 €
  • 300 €

    LCD multi-format Sony professional video monitor 8,4" - Sony lmd-9030Main features :- 640x480 (VGA) Panel Resolution- With HD-SDI- Adjustable Color Temperature (High/ Low/ User)

    300 €
  • 500 €

    Video production LCD HD-SDI 17" monitor Panasonic BT-LH1710 fully serviced by the technical lab with 3 months warranty. Main features :WXGA Resolution (1 280 x 768) 2 in SDI HD/SD Shared screen (Direct entry and stop on image)

    500 €
  • 4 500 €

    The Broadcast monitor 4K 55" Trimaster OLED Sony PVM-X550 is in Ex-Demo condition like NEW with 6 months warranty and fully protected in a strong flight case. Main features of Sony PVM-X500Sony PVM-X550 with the latest software update V1.6 Broadcast monitor 4:2:2 - 10 bits with high luminosity and a screen resolution up to 4096x2160 pixels Multi formats...

    4 500 €
  • 900 €

    The Sony LMD-940W Production monitor is in a used condition with some signs of age, fully serviced by the technical lab, and 3 months warranty. Main features of Sony LMD-940W9-inch" LCD monitor screen size with 800x480 pixels screen definition The monitor is equipped with a 3G SDI Input enabling to transmit up to 4:2:2/10-bit 1080/60P video data...

    900 €
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    8 channels Multicam live slow-motion server EVS XT3 in used condition with GIG-E & 300 GB drives. It is fully serviced by the technical lab and 3 months warranty. EVS XT3 Key features6RU production server with 8 channels HD/SD (6in/2out) Storage on 6x 300 GB SSD drive included 2 remotes EVS LSM included Mix/wipe effects 12 channels Multiview...

Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items