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  • 9 975 €

    The professional Sony PVM-X2400 4K HDR monitor offers excellent luminosity and accurate color reproduction thanks to the Trismaster Sony technology. High-range broadcast and production monitor, the PVM-X2400 stands between the 32" Sony BVM-HX310 and the18" Sony PVM-X1800 Sony 4K HDR monitors. Main features of the Sony PVM-X2400LCD 24” 4K HDR (4K...

    9 975 €
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    The 4K HDR Sony PVM-X1800 monitor offers high-grade picture quality, accurate color and shares the same color gamut and brightness specifications as the premium Sony BVM-HX310 Master Monitor.The X1800 features a UHD 4K premium LCD panel and supports 4K and HD signals through SDI inputs and an HDMI input, making it ideal for on-set, on-location, truck,...

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    The professional Multi-Format studio Monitor JVC DT-R24L41D offers high-quality images for studio production and broadcast applications. Sold in used condition with minimal signs of age, it is fully serviced by the technical lab and covered by 3 months warranty. Key features of the JVC DT-R24L41D24 inch Multi-Format LCD studio monitor with Full HD 1920...

  • 4 800 €

    The Sony PVM-X300 with its LCD IPS 30in 4K monitor screen offers a wide viewing angle. It is dedicated to 4K cinema applications and live video productions. The X300 features versatile inputs such as four 3G/HD-SDI, 4 HDMI, and 2 DisplayPort.Sold in used condition in a flight case, it is fully serviced by the technical lab with 3 months warranty. Main...

    4 800 €
  • 1 350 €

    Panasonic BT-LH1850 is an 18.5” high performance LCD video monitor for broadcast field and studio application. Sold in Ex-Demo condition in the original box, it is in very good condition and fully serviced by our technical lab with 3 months warranty. BT-LH1850 key features at a glance18.5-inch (47cm) LCD video monitor for broadcast applications 16:9...

    1 350 €
  • 900 €

    8.4" field monitor - panasonic bt-lh900- Resolution : 1024 x 768 pixels (XGA)- Reproduction : 16.7 million colors- Brightness : 300 cd/m²- Viewing angle : 170°- Connections :- 2 x HD SDI/SDI in (BNC), switchable- 1 x component or RGB in (BNC)- 1 x composite in (BNC)- RS-232C interface- GPI in (BNC)- Tally (DIN 8-pin)- 12 V in (XLR, 4-pin)

    900 €
  • 900 €

    The ASTRO-WM-3004 Portable waveform and vector scope is fully serviced & 3 months warrantyMain features :- 6 inch LCD TFT Waveform monitor- Input signal : HD-SDI | SD-SDI - HD analog YPbPr- Supported signal format : 1920x1080 60i/59.94i- Audio output : 16 channels of embedded audio- Power consumption : 24 W- Mass : 1.5 kg

    900 €
  • 300 €

    LCD multi-format Sony professional video monitor 8,4" - Sony lmd-9030Main features :- 640x480 (VGA) Panel Resolution- With HD-SDI- Adjustable Color Temperature (High/ Low/ User)

    300 €
  • 500 €

    Video production LCD HD-SDI 17" monitor Panasonic BT-LH1710 fully serviced by the technical lab with 3 months warranty. Main features :WXGA Resolution (1 280 x 768) 2 in SDI HD/SD Shared screen (Direct entry and stop on image)

    500 €
  • 4 500 €

    The Broadcast monitor 4K 55" Trimaster OLED Sony PVM-X550 is in Ex-Demo condition like NEW with 6 months warranty and fully protected in a strong flight case. Main features of Sony PVM-X500Sony PVM-X550 with the latest software update V1.6 Broadcast monitor 4:2:2 - 10 bits with high luminosity and a screen resolution up to 4096x2160 pixels Multi formats...

    4 500 €
  • 600 €

    The Sony LMD-940W Production monitor is in a used condition with some signs of age, fully serviced by the technical lab, and 3 months warranty. Main features of Sony LMD-940W9-inch" LCD monitor screen size with 800x480 pixels screen definition The monitor is equipped with a 3G SDI Input enabling to transmit up to 4:2:2/10-bit 1080/60P video data...

    600 €
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items