Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE S - 2/3” 4K portable broadcast lens


Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE S is the first 2/3” 4K portable lens with 12x zoom, suitable for live broadcast applications including news and sports. Sold in Ex-Demo condition, this 4K broadcast lens is fully serviced by the technical department and 6 months warranty.

Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE S at a glance

  • The wide-angle broadcast lens has a focal length from 4.3 to 52mm and is equipped with a 2x extender. The 4K performance is sustained even when using the extender.
  • The Digital drive unit has a 16-bit encoder that enables immediate support for shooting with aberration correction on start-up without initialization
  • The CJ12 can be used with 2/3" 4K cameras such as Sony HDC-4300, Panasonic AK-UC4000 and more
  • Ergonomic, compact with a light mass of 2 kg, this 4K broadcast lens is an excellent solution for ENG and sports applications
  • Noticed that Canon CJ12x4.3B IASE succeed to the HD wide angle lens Canon HJ14ex4.3 that is still avaiblable in pre-owned condition on our website

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Warranty6 months warranty
DeliveryWorldwide delivery possibilities


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Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE S - 2/3” 4K portable broadcast lens

Canon CJ12ex4.3B IASE S - 2/3” 4K portable broadcast lens

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