ARRI Alexa 35 - Super 35 4K Cinema Camera Production Set (19mm Studio) K0.0041726

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The Arri Alexa 35 offers unrivaled image quality with its Super 35mm sensor, delivering stunning visuals with exceptional clarity and color fidelity. Its impressive dynamic range enables precise exposure control, capturing details in both shadows and highlights with remarkable finesse. Additionally, its user-friendly design and compatibility with industry-standard post-production workflows ensure a seamless and efficient filmmaking process, making it the top choice for professionals seeking cinematic excellence.
This Arri ALEXA 35 camera set is composed of a camera and a support system package that has been designed to suit the workflow of a traditional camera department.

Arri Alexa 35 highlights

  • Excellent image quality thanks to its 4.6K Super 35mm CMOS sensor (Up to 4.6K 4608 x 3164, Cine License)
  • Impressive dynamic range to capture a wide range of tones from deep shadows to bright highlights (17 Stops of Dynamic Range)
  • Excellent performances in low light (minimizing noise and preserving image quality)
  • Supports a wide range of professional codecs (from ProRes to ArriRAW)
  • LPL Mount (LBUS), PL to LPL Adapter
  • Motorized ND Filters, Compact Design
  • Known for its reliability and durability (suitable for demanding shoots in diverse shooting environments)

Peripherals included in the camera set ARRI Alexa

  • K1.0039373 1x ALEXA 35 camera body
  • 10.0043678 1x ALEXA 35 Cine License
  • K2.0018983 1x ARRI LPL Mount (LBUS)
  • K2.0016936 1x ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter
  • K2.0034180 1x Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
  • K2.0023751 1x B-Mount Battery Adapter
  • K2.0020916 1x Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
  • K2.0042857 2x Cable VF Right Angle (0.5m/1.5ft)
  • K2.75007.0 1x Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in KC-50
  • K2.0024101 1x Power Distribution Module PDM-1
  • KK.0041533 1x Production Support Set - Top
  • KK.0041534 1x Production Support Set - Side
  • KK.0041535 1x Production Support Set - Bottom (19mm)

Note: This set does not include recording media, media dock/reader, batteries or lenses, which should be ordered separately.

Arri Alexa 35 Simulator

Discover the Newest version of the Arri Alexa 35 camera simulator on Arri's official website.

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ARRI Alexa 35 - Super 35 4K Cinema Camera Production Set (19mm Studio) K0.0041726

ARRI Alexa 35 - Super 35 4K Cinema Camera Production Set (19mm Studio) K0.0041726

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